What are you choosing?

My awareness of the power of the words I speak after the words “I AM” is heightened today.

To think and say out loud “I am tired” increases the level of fatigue I feel in my body.

The words,“ I am not good at that ”, cause me to close myself to the possibility of discovering a hidden gift or learning a new skill.

When I say “I am not sure” I postpone the receiving of the clarity I seek.

I am grateful for the reminder that the words I speak create what I believe and how I feel.

When I do not like how I feel my spirit is letting me know what I choose to think, say or do is not in alignment with the truth of who I am.

Today I am practicing the art of thinking and speaking words that nurture and honor my magnificence.

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Oct 15, 2018 48/15/2018 CDT

Doug, I would not drop the "I am" just change the words I speak after the "I am" to reflect things that make me feel better. For Example: Instead of "I am tired" say "I am filled with energy and vitality". Our cells listen and respond with more energy and vitality.


Doug Macbeth

Oct 13, 2018 16/13/2018 CDT

Perhaps I will just drop "I am" statements along with the "I should" ones


Jan Beekman

Oct 03, 2018 19/03/2018 CDT

I am affirming your affirmation! Indeed, we are magnificent ????



Oct 05, 2018 03/05/2018 CDT

Jan, I love that we are all magnificent! Thanks for affirming! Love you.

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