Changing Focus with  Penny Hall
A simple change in Focus can change everything!

What are you choosing?

My awareness of the power of the words I speak after the words “I AM” is heightened today. To think and say out loud “I am tired” increases the level of fatigue I feel in my body. The words,“ I am not good at that ”, cause me to close myself to the possibility of discovering a hidden gift or learning a new skill. When I say “I am not sure” I postpone the rec...

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How Thoughts Feel

On the way to my studio this morning I was thinking about something I wanted to do.  The next thought was ... " You can't do that.  If you spend money now there won't be enough for what you really need later."   I started laughing at the absurdity of the thought. Since I learned to notice how my thoughts make me feel.  I discovered I get to choose to feel...

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