"A simple change in focus can change everything."
— Penny Hall
Changing Focus 
lessons learned on my journey through blindness to new vision

My journey through blindness showed me how a simple change in focus can change everything.

I was fearful, impoverished and depressed when I lost my job and drivers license to blindness.I knew if I wanted my life to change I had to learn the spiritual truth behind the changes in my sight. 

I asked for divine guidance, changed my focus and one step at a time moved out of darkness into the light of truth.

The truth is there is only good in life we just don’t see it. 

Perhaps by sharing with you the lessons I learned you will be inspired to change your focus in life. Click the link below to read about the lessons I am learning...

Fear To Freedom

In this video I share the story of what happened when I decided to face one of my greatest fears and how that choice changed the way I approach my life and my businesses. 

To learn more about my journey click the link below....

Laughter is the best medicine!
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"If we  focus each day on life's blessings it will change the way we see our world.”  - Penny Hall, leather artist
Support and Tools for Eyesight Challenges

We are incredibly blessed to live in a time when finding solutions to help us do whatever we want not matter how our eyes function is as easy as searching the internet.

Enter the terms “low vision” ,  “blind” and “accessibility” in your search bar.

There are tons out there.

Here are some of my favorites…