"A simple change in focus can change everything."
— Penny Hall
My Personal Journey Through the Experience of Blindness
The experience of blindness and ever changing sight was a powerful gift.

It took me into deeper places of self understanding where I learned to love myself, the blind spots in my sight and my seemingly imperfect life.

To help me explore the meaning of my sight loss I created a "secret" blog about my spiritual journey through legal blindness. Over the years I would occasionally share it with a trusted friend. 

To my surprise this little online journal has helped other people through unexpected changes in their lives. I moved all those blog posts to this site and continue to add to them.

Support and Tools for Eyesight Challenges
We are incredibly blessed to live in a time when finding solutions to help us do whatever we want not matter how our eyes function is as easy as searching the internet.

Enter the terms “low vision” ,  “blind” and “accessibility” in your search bar.

There are tons out there.

Here are some of my favorites…

Laughter is the best medicine!
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"If we  focus each day on life's blessings it will change the way we see our world.” 
                          - Penny Hall, leather artist