You can be happy and healthy regardless of your circumstances.

I know no matter what your circumstances you can be healthy, happy and fulfilled. I was fearful, impoverished, and depressed when I lost my job and drivers license to blindness.
The strategies and tools I recommend are what I use in my daily life to be more balanced, happy and peaceful no matter what happens.
I share new insights and tips in my blog.

Join me and my growing tribe as we connect, support and learn from each other on this magical journey called life.

Support and Tools for Eyesight Challenges
We are incredibly blessed to live in a time when finding solutions to help us do whatever we want not matter how our eyes function is as easy as searching the internet.

Enter the terms “low vision” ,  “blind” and “accessibility” in your search bar.

There are tons out there.

Here are some of my favorites…

Laughter is the best medicine!

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