Blind and Low Vision Support

We are incredibly blessed to live in a time when finding solutions to help us do whatever we want not matter how our eyes function is as easy as searching the internet.

Enter the terms “low vision” ,  “blind” and “accessibility” in your search bar.

There are tons out there.

Here are some of my favorites…

Computers, Cell Phones and Tablets
Apple Devices
I love my Apple devices.  They build into the operating system tools to help those of us with sight challenges.  If you have an iPhone, iPad or Mac computer here is a great resource for instructional videos.

Hadley Instructional Videos - iFocus

Microsoft and Android Devices

If you are an android user YouTube is a great place to find information.  This guy is very helpful and demonstrates all sorts of technology.

The Blind Life

If you use an Android smart phone here is a great resource for instructional videos.

For help with apps for your Android smart phone check out this playlist.

For help with apps for your iPhone check out my list below.

My Favorite Apps for iPhone
iPhone Apps

I use an iPhone and these are some of my favorite iPhone Apps.

Voice Dream Suite

Voice Dream Reader allows me to import documents from drop box, Instapaper, iBooks, pdfs, Bookshare, the web and more. I can change the font size, color and background color and have it read to me using high quality voices.

Voice Dream Writer is extremely helpful to me with my writingI can adjust the font and background colors, change the voices.It reads to me and tells me when I have too many spaces, lines, misspelled words and so much more.

Seeing AI

This is an amazing and affordable OCR software you can use with your phone or tablet.  
It converts printed text to speech.  It will read mail, printed documents, menus, newspapers, anything printed.

Seeing AI

Sam does a great job of demonstrating it in this video.

Siri and Goggle

I use Siri all the time.  She is incredibly helpful at setting appointments, reminders, texting and searching the web.  
Sam did a great video explaining five important commands for Siri and Goggle that really helped me.

Just Press Record

Tap to record. Tap to pause. 

When you are done it will transcribe your recording into a text document you can export to text, email and document software.

Training and Support for Blind and Low Vision

Activities for Daily Living Training

When we have difficulty seeing well simple activities can be difficult.  
Here are some fabulous videos that give you tricks and tips. You can find more at

Practical Help for Low Vision at Hadley

Retina Disease Support

I found this organization when my mother was experiencing macular degeneration.The information and support found here is incredibly valuable.Their web site offers free information and personal assistance for people dealing with macular degeneration and similar retinal diseases. 

MD Support

Low Vision Aids

Shop for Tools

This is a good place to shop for magnifiers, lighting, talking watches and so much more. They are more affordable than most places that specialize in vision and hearing special needs.

Learning Sight and Sound Made Easier

My Favorite CCTV

One of my businesses requires mobility.  My current level of sight requires magnification and text to speech software to accomplish many of my tasks.  I was thrilled when Humanware introduced their Prodigy Connect 12.  It is portable and comes with a brief case that also holds my Mac Book Pro laptop.  Search you tube for videos of people demonstrating this amazing device.  I use it daily and love it!

Prodigy Connect 12

My Favorite Low Vison Task Lamps

Low Vision requires plenty of light for any task. I use floor and desk lamps everyday. Stella Lighting designed these specifically to meet the needs of low vision users.

Stella Lighting