How Thoughts Feel

On the way to my studio this morning I was thinking about something I wanted to do.

 The next thought was ...

" You can't do that.  If you spend money now there won't be enough for what you really need later." 

I started laughing at the absurdity of the thought.

Since I learned to notice how my thoughts make me feel.  I discovered I get to choose to feel great or horrible deepening on which thoughts I entertain.

I quickly changed my mood by laughing and saying to myself, "Where did that thought come from? I am so glad I don't believe that anymore." 

I started thinking how grateful I was for my car, the rain, the little town I live in, the mountains in front of me....soon I was feeling fabulous.

When I arrived at my studio I was in a receptive mode and looking for things that would support me in having a great day.

I am so grateful I am aware of how my thoughts feel. Thoughts like "not enough" are rare.
I have been practicing better feeling thoughts for so long it is always a surprise to notice one that could make me feel bad if I focused on it.

Laughing at it and choosing to focus on a thought that feels good makes my life much more enjoyable.

Ever notice how your thoughts make your feel?

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