Give Your Body What It Needs

Did you know your body functions best when it...
  • is rested
  • receives plenty of water
  • breathes deeply
  • moves frequently
  • receives regular usable nutrients
  • receives consistent positive thoughts and words
  • eliminates waste often in a day
How often do withhold those things from you body?

Most people I work with want a healthy body but refuse to give their body the things it needs to be healthy.

They go hours without drinking water.  Did you know most people are dehydrated?  This prevents proper elimination of toxins throughout the day.  Then they wonder why they get sick.

Some sit for hours engaging with phones, tablets, computers and televisions without taking breaks to move and stretch their body.  Then they wonder why their neck, shoulders, arms or back hurts.

Others skip breakfast, work long hours, skip lunch and eat a big evening meal.  Then don't understand why they have digestive problems.

Did you know the one thing your body cannot do without is air?  You can go long periods of time without food and water but your body cannot survive long without breathing.

Pay attention to your body. 

When I took the time to notice how I was breathing throughout the day I was shocked. Most of the time I was holding my breath from tension and stress. I had no idea I was not giving myself the air my body needed.

When I started paying attention to how I was breathing and giving my body a deep breath overtime I began to develop a new habit....deep breathing. That one thing made a huge difference in my life.  

It helps me slow down.
I listen to myself and others.  

I am more present with the task at hand.  

With presence in the moment comes a connection to my spirit.  That brings clarity.

What would happen if you took the time to notice what you are giving your body each day?

I challenge you to begin noticing what you are withholding from your body.

Leave me a comment and let me know how it goes.

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