Where is your focus?

What you focus on expands. 

I gained a new perspective on this statement when my retina detached.  More than one third of my eye was black. As I focused on the black portion of my sight it appeared to get larger.  

When I shifted to notice what I could see.  That area seemed to get larger.

I have a choice.

 I can focus on what I have in my life that I want, or I can focus on what I do not want.

My tendency has been to look at what I do NOT want and try to make it go away. Past experience taught me this never works.  It only makes the situation worse.

I  learned to listen to my body.  

When I focused on the black spot fearful thoughts of an imagined future made my body feel heavy.  I could feel my body get tight and my spirit begin to shut down.

When I noticed how much I could see through the part that gave me sight I could feel my body relax a little.

As I thought about the fact that my central vision was still there I could breath and feel my energy begin to open up and flow.

I expressed my gratitude.  

One of the quickest ways to keep my mind from wandering into the past and future is to express gratitude for what is here. I began to be grateful for what I could see.

Then I took an even bolder leap that required all the courage I could muster. I began to express gratitude for what presented itself that I did not want.

"Thank you for this retina detachment.  I am grateful for this retina detachment.  I love this retina detachment." repeating the phrases over and over slowly,  I began to feel the meaning of the words.

I felt my body open up.  

I felt my spirit expand.

 I could feel the energy begin to flow as I made space in my life for the unwanted gift. I know this is a gift.
Resisting it only makes me miserable.  

I choose to live in a state of peace, love and joy.

A simple change in focus can lift us up or take us down.

Where is your focus today?  

You get to choose.

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