Stronger Than Fear

I promised to share my insights from the day I wrote "No Matter What."  Here is what I learned.

The challenges I experienced that day were rooted in fear.

First thing that morning I noticed it was hard to read my book. Thoughts of having my eyesight fail caused me to experience fear.

Every time I attempted to read .. The fear grew stronger.

Is there something wrong?

Do I need to go have my eyes checked?

How will I function?

Each time I  focused on the tiny bit of evidence of what I feared... it got bigger.

I became more and more afraid.

My emotions went from peace and joy... to frustration and anger.

The battle was not with performing a task or the condition of my sight. 

The battle was inside me.

Do I believe my thoughts that take me to a place of fear of the unknown? or Do I trust in my unconditional loving spirit who knows the truth...

The experience is perfect and temporary.

I am loved and supported.

No matter what happens or how things look...

I have access to the peace that passes all understanding any time I choose.

When I open up and surrender to the peace and love that flows like a river... everything changes.

What could have been approached with love turned into a war. 

My rant came from a place of fear and anger.

I was trying to feel love toward my body and my situation... but I wanted it to go away.

That created separation from God's unconditional love.

It took many hours to recover from that battle.

Eventually I was able to accept I was afraid. 

In that acceptance I found compassion for myself .

The unconditional love of the creator began to flow through me.

When I attempted the task again the next day I was in a place of love. With love, acceptance and  encouragement I accomplished it..

A few hours later I barely noticed the tiny spot in my sight that started the battle I described in my last post. 

If we wage war against an unwanted condition in our experience it gets stronger. 

Our heart hurts because we are creating separation from the unconditional love of our true nature.

When we truly accept the unwanted condition...

find room in our heart to love it just the way it is...

and look for the good in it.

We find ourselves in a place of no longer needing the condition to change.

We understand changing the condition only brings temporary relief.

That place of unconditional love is available in every moment.

We just have to practice focusing on things that allow us to feel divine love no matter what.

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