Practicing the Art of Being

It’s been a while since I took the time to write about my journey.  I have been using my day-to-day experiences to bring my focus totally into the present moment where all of life is lived.  So rather than spend as much time writing I have been  totally immersed in the process of change.

Monitoring my thoughts has become a priority as well as noticing how my body responds to them.  At the same time I observe the emotions that surface in response to what I am thinking.

When I am aware of stress or discomfort in my body I gently shift my thoughts in a direction that relieves the stress. My body then returns to a relaxed state as a result of my new-found peace.

I express the emotions that surface as soon as possible.  This helps release the trapped energy they represent.  As soon as I feel the energy of that emotion has passed through I imagine a time when I felt total love.  My goal is to spend more time feeling the love than I did expressing the emotion that just passed through.

This process has been especially helpful when I observe the way my body responds to the conversations I have with myself.  When I judge and scold myself my energy drops and I feel tightness in my body.

It requires intense focus on my part to gently redirect my thoughts to words of encouragement, appreciation, and loving care.  After all, I allowed my thoughts to play more in the past and future almost my entire life.  Forming new habits of thought is taking more time and effort than I expected.

The good news is that if we practice something long enough we begin to do it automatically.  It becomes a new habit.

That is what I am noticing for me.  The more I listen to the messages my body sends me the easier it is to quickly and gently redirect my thoughts to noticing the present moment.  I embrace what is happening right this moment.  I find something about the present moment for which I am grateful.

In this precious moment all is good.  I am living in a state of grace.  When I focus totally in this moment I find peace.

Shifting my focus from what is happening in the world around me to what is taking place in universe inside my body is changing me and my life from the inside out.  

The result of this moment by moment practice is a complete change in the inner landscape of my presence in physical form.

I am practicing the art of being. 

 I invite you to join me.  It is an amazing journey and the reward is inner peace.

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