From My Heart

This has been a challenging week for many people in my life.  Severe health issues, financial problems and relationship difficulties are among the many causes.

Most of the time I am able to keep myself centered in peace and love but this week was different.  I stopped focusing in my heart and began thinking.

The old "rescue others" pattern kicked in and my mind was off trying to solve the problems of those precious people in my life.

On top of that I began taking action to solve those issues. It took me a couple of days of feeling out of sorts and lethargic to recognize I had lapsed into an old familiar way of being that no longer serves me or matches who I have become.  

It was  clear how my behavior dis-empowered the people I love.  

The disappointment in myself was even greater.

Had I been able to keep my focus in my heart feeling only love and compassion, I would have provided a safe place for those I love to express their emotions and concerns.  

Supporting them in that way they would have empowered them to see their own truth and seek their own perfect solutions.

After spending time forgiving myself and asking those I love for their forgiveness I am feeling the flow of love circulating in my heart again.
This experience reminded me of the importance of supporting myself and others in getting in touch with our heart.

 When we come from our heart we bring the gift of love to those who temporarily lost their focus.

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