Feeding the Birds

I looked up as I walked past the window this morning to discover a Flicker perched on top of the metal sculpture my husband built to hold our bird feeders.

Chickadees and sparrows filled every available opening.  Half a dozen doves lined the fence and several more watched from the branches of a nearby tree.

 I felt so much joy.  It had been months since I filled the feeders with seeds.  My focus on other budgetary priorities kept the seeds at the bottom of the list and off the list for longer than I could remember.

As I thought about the birds I was reminded that feeding the birds was a little like writing this blog.  

It has been in the back of my mind for a long time.  I just kept putting it off.

Allowing other things to get in the way of writing robbed me of the joy of sharing my journey.  

I am smiling as I write and there is a definite increase in my energy level.

I think I will focus more on my writing this year.

 What is your new focus for 2015?

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