Celebrate The Small Things

Lately I have been focusing on expanding my willingness to receive support in my life in many forms including money.

I decided to celebrate the gifts as they arrive by recording them in a grateful journal.  This time I intend to make this practice part of my daily routine rather than the start and stop pattern of the past.

Here is what I am noticing about myself. It is easy to recognize when something I desire shows up in its finished form like, food, clothes, printer ink, leather, and antlers.  This has been a rather common experience in my life so my mind is more willing to accept this type of miracle and notice it immediately.

When it comes to sales in my businesses and support in the form of money my mind does not always remember to include it in my daily list.

Within three days of  doing my mirror work I received some significant and unexpected art sales for this time of year.  I was so shocked and surprised I included them in my grateful journal.

More unexpected money came into my life in the form of gifts and through my husband's work.  

I was so focused on paying the past due bills that piled up after my eye surgery some of those significant gifts were not entered into my journal until a few days later.

To break the old pattern of focusing on the bills instead of the income I intend to place my grateful journal on my desk and write in it throughout the day whenever I notice something I want just arrived even if it is a penny I found in the driveway.

I will celebrate the small things in my life the moment they arrive to show my willingness to receive what I desire.

Are you celebrating the small things in your life?

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