Be Yourself

Several friends talked with me this week about experiences in their lives that resulted in them feeling like they were not good enough.  

They felt as if they were not meeting the expectations of others. That form of self judgement is always detrimental.

 If we decide who we are is somehow flawed we kill our spirit.

The decision that there is something wrong with us leaves no room for love.  

Since we decided we are not lovable we reject every offer of love, even compliments.

Do you really think the day you were born the creator looked at you and said, "that was a real mistake."?  Of course not.

The creator looked at you then and looks at you today and says the same thing, "that is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.  Look at what a magnificent life that person is living.  I just love being in that person's presence."

If we could accept our magnificence and see ourselves through the eyes of our creator we would be free to be ourselves.

What would happen if you celebrated everything about yourself and just lived your life out loud?

What if you loved everything about you, even the stuff you decided was not good?

What would happen if you decided to love yourself enough to relax, be yourself and live your life out loud?

Try making a list today of all the things you love about yourself.  

Then read it everyday and let me know what happens.

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