The Limited Land of "I Can't"

The list of things I could NOT do while recovering from the retina detachment was reading, writing, computer work or lifting.  

The added complications of the gas bubble in one eye and the lack of central vision in the other limited my choices even more.

I felt my body tighten and my energy level drop as I contemplated the impact this would have on my art business and my natural healthcare business.  

How will I generate the much needed income when there are so many things I cannot do?

Fortunately I recognized the beginnings of my old pattern of thinking about the past or worrying about the future by the way my body was feeling.  I decided to focus on what I could do right now.

I could talk on the phone but could not see to read or dial the numbers.  Asking my husband to sit next to me and dial the phone whenever it was time to dial did not seem fair.  His hands were full cooking and helping me with so many other tasks.

As I quietly asked to be shown what to do, I remembered the doctor said it was OK to watch television. "I can use my video eye to dial the phone" I thought.  

I felt as if I had just been given a huge gift. Even though the doctor said it was OK to watch television I noticed it hurt to do it for more than a few short minutes at a time.

Perhaps I could use the video eye long enough  to dial and host the weekly conference call for my new business. After testing it on phone calls to friends I scheduled and hosted the conference call.

It was stressful and wiped me out for the rest of the day but I did it.

Having contributed just one thing toward keeping my business going gave me a warm feeling of love and joy. I could see how far I have come in the past ten years.

Instead of allowing myself to feel bad by saying "I can't" I gave myself the gift of love and joy by looking for the possibilities available to me by choosing to say "I can."

Are you stuck in the limited land of "I can't"?

Join me in the land of "I can"where the possibilities are unlimited.

This is a much better place to be and all it takes is a simple change in focus.

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