Peace Is Here

Do you spend a lot of time thinking about how you are going to reach a future goal?

A couple of major unexpected situations cropped up in my life this week.  Since the unknown is unsettling to the mind it caused my thoughts to rush frantically  in search of solutions.
Fear of what might happen in the future fueled my racing thoughts.  My body responded with fatigue, tight muscles and general disease. I did not seem to have enough energy to focus and get anything done.  

Unwilling to continue to experience so much discomfort I decided to take action.

I sat down at my computer, took a deep breath and closed my eyes.  Instead of
looking at the screen and typing I kept breathing and noticed how my hand felt on the cool computer mouse.  

I felt the energy in my arms and the temperature of my skin.  

I listened to my breathing in and out and noticed how it felt.

Slowly my body relaxed. The tightness began to give way.

As I directed my thoughts back to the present moment I felt my energy begin to increase.  

Before long I found that place of peace.  It was here just waiting to be noticed.

I realized I have everything I need to do what must be done right now.

If I perform this task to the best of my ability and give it all my loving attention I will be fully prepared with everything I need when it is time to take the next step.

Peace is here in the present, not in the future or past.

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