I'm Moving Again

It seems like all I have been doing this year is move.

In March I shut down my art business to move from a large studio space into a tiny nine foot by nine foot office downtown. The ability to walk two blocks to work is wonderful.

My more lucrative businesses were calling me to spend more time using my natural talents and skills. When I exercise them my body and spirit sizzle and thrive.

This led to consolidating my websites and blogs into one primary home on the World Wide Web.

I began the long and challenging process of sorting through the technical part of creating my own website.

That was a monumental task for someone who is not good at this high tech stuff. But, I decided the rewards were worth the effort.

In June the lady across the hall told me she was moving out. Her office space was larger and had an outside window.

I was having challenges seeing in my tiny dark office. So, the first week of August I moved again.

Natural light is heavenly. I can see so much better and I love having room to work with customers.

Once settled in my new digs I pushed to create enough pages to open my new website to public view.

The first thing I transferred was my Changing Focus Blog. Sadly the comments would not transfer but the content is here for those who enjoy reading older posts.

Sorting through what to bring with me to this new location on the web is a lot like moving from multiple houses into a single smaller one. It takes lots of energy, planing and patience.

I miss connecting with you and sharing our thoughts and insights about life.

That is why I gave up my need to have everything perfect before inviting you to my new house on the internet.

Things will likely be a bit messy and changing a lot until I finish packing sorting and moving everything.

Please, please, please let me know if anything does not function properly. This technical stuff is not my strong suit but I can get help fixing anything we need.

I also love hearing from my talented friends who see how things might look better, work better and flow better.

Don’t be shy.

Feedback is a precious gift. Don’t keep it to yourself.

Leave me a comment or shoot me an email.

It feels great to be back.

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Penny Hall

Sep 16, 2018 22/16/2018 CDT

Jan, thank you for your kind words. I would love to see you and bask in your sunlight as well. You are such a bright light. Your support means a great deal to me. Please wait until after the 23rd to stop in. I will be out of town. Can't wait to see you. Love you.


Penny Hall

Sep 16, 2018 15/16/2018 CDT

Julie, thank you. I appreciate your feedback. Penny


Jan Beekman

Sep 15, 2018 58/15/2018 CDT

Congratulations! Change is challenging. It takes courage. You’re my hero! You have the courage and the tenacity to make this work. I have such admiration for those qualities in you. God bless you in your new expanded efforts. I’ll have to drop by your new office next week, give you a hug, and ensure you have enough sunlight. I’ll come equipped with some of my own!??????



Sep 15, 2018 52/15/2018 CDT

Beautifully written! Excited for your journey??

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