Make Yourself Feel Happy

I have been talking with lots of people lately who are feeling hurt, angry and generally very unhappy. They all have one thing in common. They are talking about an unpleasant experience from the past or imagining a future they are afraid will be as unpleasant as those they experienced in the past.

In both cases they are making themselves miserable and robbing themselves of the joy they could experience now.

It has taken many years of practice for me to recognize when I am feeling unhappy I am either thinking or speaking about something in the past I did not like or I am afraid will happen in the future.

That is why when I wake up I deliberately think about all the things I appreciate about my life.

Throughout the day I slow down and bring my mind back to the present by noticing something I love like the hot cup of tea I just enjoyed.

Focusing on a physical item I am touching or a physical movement like taking a deep breath or feeling the water on my hands stops my thoughts from wandering into the past or future.

The past is over and cannot be changed. The future is yet to be. The only thing I can control is what I choose to think, say or do right now.

I can spend time thinking and talking about the things in my life I enjoy or the ones that make me feel miserable.

It is so much more fun to feel happy and joyful.

That is why I make a conscious effort to see, think and talk about things I love, appreciate and enjoy. The more I do that the happier I am and the more joyful I feel.

What are you doing to make yourself feel happy?

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