Love is Love 

Love is love is love is love is love....these words were part of a speech presented at the Tony Awards by the writer of the musical Hamilton.  They were in response to the mass shooting in Florida this past week.
Those words touched me then and again this morning as I asked my spirit to reveal to me the source of the inner turmoil I experience as I accept the current change in my sight.

I have been puzzled by the flood of emotions I experience each time I attempt to use an assistive device or explore how to shift from relying totally on my sight to function.

I finally realized I was in denial of the way things are now.  I was unwilling to accept that things are different.

I wanted things to go back to the way they were. I was fighting the change.

I was gripped by fear. Fear that if I acknowledge it is real it will somehow make it more permanent.

Fear that it will only get worse if I accept the change rather than live in a state of denial by trying to ignore it.

Fear of stepping from a place of inner struggle and darkness into the light of truth and love.

Fear of change.

Fear of accepting help.

Fear, fear, fear......

The only thing that changes fear is LOVE.

Nothing in our life stays the same. Everything changes and many times those changes are unwanted.

Embracing all the changes in our life and flooding them with pure unconditional love is the only way to transform them.

We must LOVE all unwanted conditions in our body, life and world.

If we continue to deny it, or hate it, or push it away we create separation and pain.

Love is the only way to bring peace to our own hearts and to our world.

As I realized fear was the source of my emotional distress I felt a deep sense of relaxation.
My spirit was showing me to invite love in to dispel my fear, judgement, denial and resistance to the present situation.

Love is Love is Love is Love is LOVE.

It brings peace to the present moment.

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