Hard or Easy?

I love writing things down.   

Early mornings I do automatic writing where I ask my spirit "What do you want me to know?" then take a deep breath, relax and allow my hand to write on its own without my mind controlling it. 

During the recent shift in sight I was trying to write as usual and could not read what I was writing. The little voice in my head said... "Oh no, I can't write anymore." 

Immediately following that thought came a flood of emotions....frustration, sadness, anger, etc.  I was miserable for the rest of the day. 

The next morning in my quiet time I was contemplating the experience of the day before and asking for insight and clarity when the thought came to me..."Just write bigger." 

I picked up my pencil and began to write in much larger letters.  It was not that I could not write anymore. 

To read it meant doing it in a different way  

In the days ahead as I learned to accept the current condition of my sight I began to explore information available in the blind community for those who experience vision loss. 

One woman who experienced gradual changes in sight talked about going from a pencil, to a pen,  to a wide felt pen so she could read her shopping lists.

I had to laugh at myself.  All these years of trying to write a grocery list or write down a number when I did not have my glasses on...

it never occurred to me to write larger and use a darker writing instrument.So, I went to the store to look for a wider, darker pen.  

I was amazed at what happened when I taught myself to use this new tool and use it in a new way.
All I had to do was write bigger using a different tool. 

I had to change what I had been doing. 

This morning I realized I had been asking for clarity and ease. 

It came in an unexpected way through the path of unwanted change. 

What is change bringing you?

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