Changing Focus Again

If you are receiving this post in your email you were one of those special people in my life who encouraged me when I tried to start this blog a few years ago. 

At that time I was looking back on a very challenging journey that changed my life. Brimming with the desire to put into words what I had learned I started "changing focus".
After a while I lost my focus and stopped writing. Another retina detachment presented itself recently.  

Unable to read, write or use the computer made me appreciate how precious it is to be able to write, read, drive a car and make a meaningful contribution to my own life and the lives of those around me. 

The inner journey has been extraordinary.  I made the decision to revive this blog and record the ups and downs of life with changing sight.  

I enjoy the process of writing and writing helps me gain clarity. I am honored you have chosen to walk with me.  

Please feel free to share your own thoughts, observations, struggles and triumphs as we travel together this amazing road called life.

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