Action Stops Fear

I no longer make choices from a place of fear or worry thoughts.  When I feel resistance to doing something I know is a true desire I take deliberate action as quickly as possible.

Creating and publishing a new Facebook Page, public YouTube and Facebook Live videos for my business groups are just a few of the things completed since the beginning of the year.

As I contemplate the journey from the grips of fearful thoughts that held me captive for many years it is clear the fear was caused completely by entertaining and believing those thoughts.

The moment I engage in determined action without giving in to old patterns the fear is gone. My mind cannot think random thoughts when it is required to focus on the task I am performing.

In the past I created a video and kept it private. I would re-watch it several times allowing my critical mind to pick it apart. I would trash it then feel utterly defeated proof my desires would never become a reality.
Now when inspiration strikes I begin taking some sort of action as quickly as possible. I block out uninterrupted time until it is complete and released to its intended audience.

It feels satisfying and exhilarating to finish a task and publish it without hesitation. I immediately congratulate myself on giving birth to an idea and offering it to the world.

The more times I repeat this process the more my mind seems to be looking forward to what fun things might be in the future.

Life is more fun when I am engaged in the process of doing something instead of thinking about it.
Are you letting fearful thoughts stop you from experiencing something your heart is calling you to?

I can tell you getting started is the hardest part. Once you are involved in accomplishing the task the fear thoughts diminish.

The other key is to call it done before it is perfect.

Everything we create is an offering of our unique and magnificent divine light. Please don’t hide your light as long as I did.

There are people all around you waiting to be guided by your bright light.

Let it shine. The world is waiting.

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