Changing Focus with  Penny Hall
My journey through blindness showed me how a simple change in focus can change everything.

I was fearful, impoverished and depressed when I lost my job and drivers license to blindness.

I knew if I wanted my life to change I had to learn the spiritual truth behind the changes in my sight. 

I asked for divine guidance, changed my focus and one step at a time moved out of the darkness into the light of truth.

The truth is there is only good in life we just don’t see it. 

Perhaps by sharing with you the lessons I learned you will be inspired to change your focus in life.

- Penny Hall
A simple change in Focus can change everything!

Change the Pattern

I felt fatigue. It was to be expected. The past two days were physically demanding far beyond the norm. I did a great job of diminishing the stress as much as possible during that time. I was feeling good about how I moved through those two days. The...

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Does Fear Exist?

I used to be afraid of everything. When I was diagnosed as legally blind I learned something. Fear was a big part of why I could not see.   I tried for years to get rid of fear. Then I realized something. I only feel afraid when... I think about some...

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Judging Hurts

The words spilled out of my mouth. I felt my friend withdraw. The pain and hurt was visible. I observed a situation. I judged it unacceptable to me. And offered an opinion. The result was separation. I tried to justify my words.  The gap grew bigger....

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Planting Flowers

I feel almost giddy inside when I look at the flowers. They adorn my old fashioned front porch. I planted lots in pots and hanging baskets. When I sit on the porch I am surrounded by them. The joy and pleasure they bring is amazing. What a shift...

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Feeding the Birds

I looked up as I walked past the window this morning to discover a Flicker perched on top of the metal sculpture my husband built to hold our bird feeders. Chickadees and sparrows filled every available opening. Half a dozen doves lined the fence a...

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Peace Is Here

Do you spend a lot of time thinking about how you are going to reach a future goal? A couple of major unexpected situations cropped up in my life this week. Since the unknown is unsettling to the mind it caused my thoughts to rush frantically in s...

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There was a time in my life when I used affirmations to try and change my circumstances.  I would repeat them hundreds of times with small changes if any at all. Looking back now I can see how I was trying to force something I wanted to happen   I us...

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Slow Down and Breathe

It has been an unusually busy day. I found myself attempting to multi-task which is something I have not done in a long time. My mind kept bouncing like a ping pong ball between thoughts of things that happened a few hours ago and the list of tasks...

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Celebrate The Small Things

Lately I have been focusing on expanding my willingness to receive support in my life in many forms including money. I decided to celebrate the gifts as they arrive by recording them in a grateful journal. This time I intend to make this practice p...

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Please Yourself

Recently I set an intention to reach a goal I felt was almost impossible to reach in the amount of time allotted. Knowing it would help my friend I agreed to participate in my friend's plan. As the deadline approached my mind attempted to figure ...

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A Matter Of Choice

Recently I worked with two different people who experienced difficult love relationship issues. While the equally painful circumstances were unique to each person the responses were quite different. One person chose to focus on the hurt while the o...

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The Power of Positive Self Talk

This week I began a new daily practice that is making such a difference in my life I want to share it with you. It is perhaps the most difficult thing I ever tried but after the first couple of times it is now one of my favorite things to do. For ...

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From My Heart

This has been a challenging week for many people in my life. Severe health issues, financial problems and relationship difficulties are among the many causes. Most of the time I am able to keep myself centered in peace and love but this week was di...

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Be Yourself

Several friends talked with me this week about experiences in their lives that resulted in them feeling like they were not good enough.   They felt as if they were not meeting the expectations of others. That form of self judgement is always detrimen...

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Have you ever paid attention to how you breathe? Are you a shallow breather or do you take deep breaths from the diaphragm? If you are a shallow breather like me you are keeping your body in a constant state of fight or flight response. Notice how ...

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Honoring Emotions

One day during the first week after eye surgery I felt an enormous surge of emotions. Afraid to hurt my eyes by crying I had stuffed so many of these feelings they were screaming to get out.  I decide to devote my day to honoring those emotions by se...

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The Limited Land of "I Can't"

The list of things I could NOT do while recovering from the retina detachment was reading, writing, computer work or lifting.   The added complications of the gas bubble in one eye and the lack of central vision in the other limited my cho...

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Where is your focus?

What you focus on expands.   I gained a new perspective on this statement when my retina detached.  More than one third of my eye was black. As I focused on the black portion of my sight it appeared to get larger.   When I shifted to notice what I co...

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Changing Focus Again

If you are receiving this post in your email you were one of those special people in my life who encouraged me when I tried to start this blog a few years ago. At that time I was looking back on a very challenging journey that changed my life. B...

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Practicing the Art of Being

It’s been a while since I took the time to write about my journey.  I have been using my day-to-day experiences to bring my focus totally into the present moment where all of life is lived.  So rather than spend as much time writing I have been  tota...

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