About Penny
My journey through blindness showed me how a simple change in focus can change everything.

I was fearful, impoverished and depressed when I lost my job and drivers license to blindness.

I knew if I wanted my life to change I had to learn the spiritual truth behind the blindness.

I asked for divine guidance, changed my focus and one step at a time moved out of the darkness into the light of truth.

The truth is there is only good in life we just don’t see it.

Perhaps by sharing with you the lessons I learned you will be inspired to change your focus in life.
Life as an Entrepreneur
The need to replace the income from my job led me to create multiple profitable businesses.

I learned to use the internet to market my products through blogs, online outlets and social groups like Facebook.

Today my time is devoted to expanding a profitable and satisfying business that pays me when unexpected things happen like eye surgery and care of an aging parent.

The products I sell help customers improve their health without harmful side effects.

I recruit, train and mentor budding entrepreneurs as they create their own profitable business, a healthier body and a life they love.

Our dedication to excellence in customer service and product education is the backbone of our success.

Supporting each other as we learn and grow together is key to our individual success as business owners.

If you want to know how you can improve your health naturally or start your own business and create an extra income stream schedule a free private session  here.

Life as an Advocate
Introducing someone with vision loss to tools that allow them to continue doing the things they love is one of the most rewarding things I have the pleasure of doing.

I became an advocate for the blind after my first experience in public while learning to use my white cane at a shopping mall.  

My life changed dramatically the month I attended the Summer Orientation Program in Helena, Montana. Learning skills from blind teachers and fellow blind students helped me recover from my own mental and emotional breakdown. The experience made me a better person, business owner and leader.

If you are looking for a charity to support I invite you to consider my favorite charity the Summer Orientation Program for Blind and Visually Impaired adults sponsored by the Montana Association for Blind and Low Vision adults. Contact me and I will tell you how.

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