Changing Focus with  Penny Hall
My journey through blindness showed me how a simple change in focus can change everything.

I was fearful, impoverished and depressed when I lost my job and drivers license to blindness.

I knew if I wanted my life to change I had to learn the spiritual truth behind the changes in my sight. 

I asked for divine guidance, changed my focus and one step at a time moved out of the darkness into the light of truth.

The truth is there is only good in life we just don’t see it. 

Perhaps by sharing with you the lessons I learned you will be inspired to change your focus in life.

- Penny Hall
A simple change in Focus can change everything!

Shifting Old Habits

I experienced the most fascinating awareness yesterday about a habit I have had most of my life. While eating breakfast my husband asked me how I liked something. My critical mind took over and described what I did not like about it followed by what ...

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I'm Moving Again

It seems like all I have been doing this year is move. In March I shut down my art business to move from a large studio space into a tiny nine foot by nine foot office downtown. The ability to walk two blocks to work is wonderful. My more lucrative b...

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What are you choosing?

My awareness of the power of the words I speak after the words “I AM” is heightened today. To think and say out loud “I am tired” increases the level of fatigue I feel in my body. The words,“ I am not good at that ”, cause me to close myself to the p...

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Action Stops Fear

I no longer make choices from a place of fear or worry thoughts. When I feel resistance to doing something I know is a true desire I take deliberate action as quickly as possible. Creating and publishing a new Facebook Page , public YouTube and ...

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In Honor of 2017

In honor of 2017 Wasn ’t it only yesterday I was writing a post about the events that shaped my life in 2016? The mental and emotional breakdown  I experience last year led me into a powerful breakthrough this year. After completing orientation and m...

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Make Yourself Feel Happy

I have been talking with lots of people lately who are feeling hurt, angry and generally very unhappy. They all have one thing in common. They are talking about an unpleasant experience from the past or imagining a future they are afraid will be as u...

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Feeling My Way Through Change

Sudden change always looks like chaos at first. We don’t like change. It’s not comfortable. It upsets our balance. We do everything we can to avoid it. Fear takes us into the past. We feel sad wishing things would go back the way they used to be. ...

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In Honor of 2016

2016 was one of the most challenging yet rewarding times of my life.  It began with a sudden shift in my sight and changed my focus for the entire year. The eye surgery February second left me with less functional sight in my better eye than was expe...

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How I See the White Cane

I had an experience yesterday that shook me to my core and inspired me to see my white cane in a new light.  It was the first time I experienced how unkind the world can be to someone who experiences vision loss.   I traveled to a public mall in a la...

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Hard or Easy?

I love writing things down.     Early mornings I do automatic writing where I ask my spirit "What do you want me to know?" then take a deep breath, relax and allow my hand to write on its own without my mind controlling it.   During the recent shift ...

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Love is Love 

Love is love is love is love is love....these words were part of a speech presented at the Tony Awards by the writer of the musical Hamilton.  They were in response to the mass shooting in Florida this past week.   Those words touched me then and aga...

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Learning to Receive

When we begin to ask for help we must be willing to receive. Last week the doctor scheduled me for eye surgery this week. Recovery requires I keep my head and nose pointed to the ground twenty-four hours a day for several days. Talk about learning ...

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Asking for Help

I had big plans for my new year. I intended to do more writing for this blog. I was going to launch Create Winter Sunshine . These activities feed my spirit but they require discipline to create new habits. I had all the pieces in place to la...

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Stronger Than Fear

I promised to share my insights from the day I wrote "No Matter What." Here is what I learned. The challenges I experienced that day were rooted in fear. First thing that morning I noticed it was hard to read my book. Thoughts of having my eyesig...

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No Matter What

"This is so hard," I thought. I pushed myself away from the table where I spent more than an hour trying to arrange things so I could see well enough to accomplish my task. I could feel the emotions bubbling up. I kept telling myself it was OK. ...

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One Habit At a Time

I listened to the end of an interview today with Gretchen Rubin. She wrote a book called Better Than Before: Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives. What caught my attention was the phrase "better than before". As I listened it was clear she ...

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Stop Trying to Help

"Why don't you let me take one of those?, I asked. I had my purse and a small camera bag. "I've got it," he replied. He was weary from lack of sleep and the long plane rides. Without an elevator the task was to get the heavy, oversized pieces of ...

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How Thoughts Feel

On the way to my studio this morning I was thinking about something I wanted to do. The next thought was ... " You can't do that. If you spend money now there won't be enough for what you really need later." I started laughing at the absurdity ...

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Give Your Body What It Needs

Did you know your body functions best when it... is rested receives plenty of water breathes deeply moves frequently receives regular usable nutrients receives consistent positive thoughts and words eliminates waste often in a day How often do withho...

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Like an Eagle

© 2015 Ken W. Hall I had the honor of watching an eagle hunt one day when Ken spotted it perched high up in a tree waiting patiently, eyes focused on the river below. A few moments later the eagle spread its wings and took flight. Riding the wind cur...

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